Stress 411

skyn ICELAND Helps De-Stress
at BOSS Models Boot Camp

If you are in any way involved in fashion, whether you’re backstage in production, a make-up artist scrambling to get models ready, a designer showing your collection, or a model posing for the camera, you know how crazy and stressful fashion week can be! This is the exact reason why skyn Iceland and Boss Models ……
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Music to My Ears:
A Stress-Relieving Playlist

The only thing I ever won was a stress- relief ball modeled after the Earth. I was twelve-ish, and it was “Take Your Daughter to Work” day. I couldn’t imagine what deep-seated feelings people harbored that only rapid hand movement could release. I just thought the globe looked cool. Years (many years!) later and it ……
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Dealing with Jet lag
when traveling on business

Jet lag, can be stressful and draining especially when you are traveling on business. Typical symptoms include fatigue, dehydration, disorientation, and mental fogginess ( I used to fly to my destination, go to the hotel for a shower and change of clothes and then run right to a meeting. There were some days when I ……
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One Easy Way to De-Stress:
Feel Blue!

We loved this so much we wanted to share: Check out this clip on the right from WWD Beauty Biz, which points out that the color blue can “lower pulse rates and control body temperature.” By now, we’re sure you’ve noticed that blue is skyn ICELAND’s signature color…and we hate to be know-it-alls, but it’s no ……
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