Drink, Drink Drink: Kickstart Your New Year!

Now that the holiday crunch is over, New Year's festivities have come and gone, we're all surprised that we're still in recovery mode.  Why's that?  One word is probably the culprit: DEHYDRATION.

Between the crazy running around of the last month, the late nights you pulled with your extra vacation days, and that slew of champagne celebrations, your body may still be trying to play catch up with you.  How can you make sure you help start the New Year right, back on your feet, stress-free?

Drink, drink, drink!  Water, that is.

Snapping back into your high-octane life after vacation isn't easy on us or our bodies.  Make sure you're drinking water all day, especially when you feel like you're suffocating in your sauna of an office.  Hydration will not only help your body recharge, but it'll kickstart your energy levels, rev your metabolism, and best of all, help bring the health glow back to your super-stressed skin. 

Do your body a favor – get hydrated!

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