A skynny daily routine
from a new skynny!

Hi skynnies!

My name is Rachel, I’m 27, French (or Parisian as you prefer!) and I joined the skyn ICELAND team 7 months ago!

Today I’d like to share with you my beauty tips and routine!

I strongly believe that inner beauty and outer beauty are linked. When you live a fast paced life, overloaded with stress, always in a rush, and exposed to pollution, you’re skin can feel it, and somehow loses its glow… Of course we don’t want that to happen!!

So here are my tricks!

I start working at 9am (my office is so beautiful and peaceful, I love it – all white and blue!), and since I’m unfortunately not the kind of person to wake-up at 6 am to exercise, I downloaded an effective stress relief App on my iPhone called Repiro Guide, that helps you control your breathing and lower your pace. A must for every skynny.

After 5 minutes of me time, I’m ready to go to work, peaceful and calm. On of my other beauty tips is to chose carefully the things I eat. Don’t forget I’m french, food is a part of our culture

First rule: eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Just by doing this you’ll start a healthy routine. Below is what breakfast look like! You might have noticed that I chose blueberries in my yogurt parfait… All berries are great natural antioxidants and therefore good for your skin.

My breakfast!
The one and only Green Tea Lemonade

Also, when possible, I prefer green tea to regular water, as it helps detox your body. Try Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade, it’s refreshing and delicious! I discovered this drink when I first arrived in NY and now I can’t live without it (we’re all GTL lovers at the Skyn office!).

Now, let’s talk “beauty”!

Lately I discovered a great brand called Per-fekt. It’s a new make up brand, with an edited line of products, but each of them is very efficient and targeted. My favorites are the Skin Perfection Gel because of its multitasking ability! It moiturizes, enhaces the skin, and has a matt finish. A foundation with a powedery finish, how cool is that ?!!!

The other great product that I like is the Brow Perfection Gel. I’m not a big fan of mascara so I feel that if my eyebrows are enhanced, I don’t need mascara!

The best for last…my skin care musts!

I’m addicted to the Oxygen Infusion Night Cream. It’s our product that contains the highest percentage of oxygen and since skin needs oxygen for good health. I do an Oxygen Infusion Night Cream “mask” every night!

Then there are the Glacial Cleansing Cloths,they are by far the best cloths I ever tried! They maintain the skins natural balance and one cloth can remove all impurities and make-up (eyes included)! Best of all, they don’t need water!

The Arctic Face Mist has powerful antioxidants and multivitamins for skin. It helps energize and replenish a healthy complexion. To make a long story short, I don’t leave my apartement before I spraymy face with the Arctic Face Mist

Finally, my last favorite product is the Hydro Firming Eye Gels. I put these fabulous patches on once a week, generally on Friday before a night out! In only 10 minutes they reduce puffiness as well as fine lines. These cooling gel patches are the perfect antidote against exhausted eyes. Every women should have in ‘survival kit’!

You know all my beauty secrets! Don’t hesitate to write me if you need more specific advice!

Before saying goodbye, I’ve made a little list of things we should always keep in mind to cope with stress (told you I was a believer that stress could impact the skin!)

See you soon on the blog, lovely skynny!


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