Skyn ICELAND gets models glowing
backstage at New York Fashion Week!

This February was our 8th year backstage doing skincare prep at New York Fashion Week.  This time around we worked  with top designers Charlotte Ronson, Rodebjer and Assembly. To prep and prime models’ stressed skin we used the following products:  

Backstage Essentials:

We primed and hydrated models’ way-stressed skin back to glowing with these six simple steps:

  1. CLEANSEGlacial Cleansing Cloths
  2. MINIMIZE PORESPure Pore Minimizer
  3. MOISTURIZEPure Cloud Cream, the ANTIDOTE, Arctic Hydrating Balm
  4. PREP EYESHydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
  5. TREAT EYESIcelandic Relief Eye Cream
  6. HYDRATE AND SET MAKE-UPArctic Face Mist


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