Skyn ICELAND Goes to Iceland!

Hi Skynnies,

I have been interning at skyn ICELAND for the past couple of months and I am loving every minute of it! Aside from being a beauty product junkie, I was drawn to the brand because I absolutely love Iceland! A few years ago I traveled to Iceland and it was not only my first time out of the United States, but also one of my most treasured experiences!

I spent my summer under the bright blue midnight sky and became accustomed to the seasonal 20+ hours of daylight! I was able to really immerse myself in the culture, and learn about conserving the many natural resources Iceland has to offer.

Iceland is a truly unique place. It has only one road that goes around the entire country and although it is small, there are unbelievably beautiful unspoiled reserves from the black beaches in Vik and the geo-thermal pools, to the unique plant-life and the Fjords in the north. It’s no wonder skyn ICELAND sources the potent ingredients from this pristine place!

There were so many things that stood out to me on my trip to Iceland, but some of my favorite memories are from camping on the Vatna Glacier in Vatnajokull and experiencing the beauty of the Icelandic glaciers which pictures just don’t do justice to. The blue glow of the glaciers radiates serenity and tranquility, so that you can’t help but feel relaxed in this country!



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