Slow down and cool down
at Henri Bendel

 Skyn ICELAND hosted an event to kick off summer at Henri Bendel Fifth Avenue for the top beauty and fashion bloggers in New York City. Lara Eurdolian, creator of beauty blog, Pretty Connected and Sarah Kugelman Founder of skyn ICELAND hosted the fun-filled and relaxing evening.

Guests began the evening by enjoying some gluten-free cupcakes in delicious skyn flavors: creamsicle and summer raspberry from KakedNYC. Liquiteria supplied cold pressed juices for an evening detox. SpaNail soho pampered guests with summer ready manicures courtesy of butter LONDON. Shades were of-the-moment blues, silver and whites; all with fab decals.

Guests indulged in skyn ICELAND eye clinics with the eye rescuing duo of Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and Icelandic Eye Relief Cream, that help to cool, de-puff and firm the under eye area.

During the evening guests took our stress test and proved that most were doing a great job handling stress. It must have been the night of relaxation coupled with skyn ICELAND’s cooling products!

Either way, it was a great way to start the summer and remind everyone to Slow Down and Cool Down.

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