Skyn ICELAND participates for their ninth year at Making Strides!

On Sunday, October 19th, the skyn girls joined 50,000 walkers in New York City’s Central Park to participate in the Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk. We have raised over $2,636 this year and over $33,978 overall! It was a chilly Fall day, but our team bundled up and walked with friends and family to raise awareness for the cause. Our founder, Sarah Kugelman, gave us the inside scoop on skyn ICELAND’s involvement with the organization, as well as some great stress-reducing tips for women with breast cancer.

skyn girls: Sarah, do you know anyone who has been affected by breast cancer?

Sarah: I have a lot of friends unfortunately who have been affected by breast cancer. I have probably about 15 friends and oddly, every year before Making Strides Walk, I feel like I have another friend that gets added to the list, which makes the walk all the more powerful, important and inspiring because it’s really personal.

SG: How long have you been involved with the American Cancer Society?

S: For about 10 years, I got involved because my father died of Lung Cancer about 15 years ago and I wanted to look at the silver lining in that and try to do something to help other people with lung cancer. So, I got involved with the American Cancer Society and as more and more friends of mine started becoming affected by cancer, I decided that it would be a great opportunity for us to do the Making Strides walk because any advancements that are made in cancer research can be applied to any other type of cancer. It doesn’t matter what cancer organization you are supporting, as long as you are doing something to help the cause because I don’t think there is anybody that hasn’t been affected or touched by cancer in some way, shape or form.

SG: How did you choose Making Strides as the organization skyn ICELAND would help raise money for?

S: Well, being on the Manhattan Leadership Board of the American Cancer Society, I learned that Making Strides was one of their major events and outreach efforts throughout the year. I knew that this effort was not only incredibly effective and a huge fundraising opportunity to support research in the area of breast cancer, but also a great opportunity to do something that’s team building for the company. We can all get together and do something that’s empowering, socially conscious and helps other. We can be outdoors and be in the fresh air and do something fun as a team!

SG: Can having a skincare routine be a healing activity for cancer patients?

S: Definitely, I think self-care is really important for people who are living with cancer. I think everyone wants to feel and look good, and when we look in the mirror and aren’t happy, it’s a bad perpetuating cycle that makes us feel badly about ourselves. Especially when we are sick or not feeling well, it is really important to pamper and take care of ourselves. I think the emotional journey is half the battle in the fight against cancer and having a positive outlook and positive energy really makes a difference in healing. Going through treatment and therapy does severely effect your skin as well. It can become dull, dehydrated and irritated, so I think skincare is something that is crucial during that time.

SG: Are skyn ICELAND products safe for those battling cancer?

S: We’ve actually had a lot of people dealing with cancer use the products. We have products in the line that are specifically geared to help heal and rejuvenate irritated, sensitive, dry, thinner skin. Our Arctic Hydrating Balm for example has .5% of colloidal Oatmeal, so it is a perfect product to soothe and nurture the skin. Also the Arctic Face Mist, which is a spritz of cooling refreshment, a great way to re-fresh yourself and breathe in something that smells really good. It also feels really good and provides a light cooling sensation that feels great. When your health isn’t good, it really shows up in the eye area, so all of our eye products, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and Icelandic Relief Eye Cream are perfect during treatment.

SG: As an expert on stress, what are some tips you can give women fighting this battle?

S: I think that because there is such a mental piece to this, things like yoga, meditation and mindfulness are all things can help calm and balance you. For someone going through this that has a lot of anxiety, fear, or sadness, spending time thinking about those things can make it worse. If you spend your time on something not related to what you’re going through, it can take you out of your body and be a great way to soothe and put your soul and body back in balance. You can do something as simple as lighting a candle, turning the lights down and watching a movie, but just doing something that you really enjoy and makes you happy is so important.

SG: Thanks for the inside scoop Sarah! We hope some of these tips can help people going through cancer treatment feel more stress-free and relaxed.

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