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Youbeauty.com spoke to Ashley Walsh, Department Head of Makeup for the network’s reboot of “Scream,” about how the show doesn’t always choose between gore and beauty (thank you, MTV). If you have trouble getting your makeup to stick during summer, these tips are for you. More importantly, Walsh knows how to give stars that “I’m young, beautiful and on MTV” glow.

What’s your favorite to prep – more everyday makeup or horror makeup? What are your favorite products for each?

I’m such a lucky girl with this show because I don’t have to choose — I get to do both! As the only difference being if I have to put fake blood on. In that scenario I put a dermashield on to prevent the blood from staining the skin. Otherwise the prep is as such:

  1. I wipe down the skin with the Glacial Cleansing Cloths from skyn ICELAND. Even if the talent has literally just washed their face before going to set, between the pollution and the body oil produced from just existing in the summertime, the skin is already covered in a thin layer of muck. The proof is in the wipe, post use.
  2. Because rubbing the skin tends to be an aggressive action, I need to calm down the skin and close the pores. (I use skyn ICELAND’s Arctic Face Mist.) The cooling qualities help close the pores and prep the face to receive the moisturizer. Added bonus: on set, a couple spritzes also cooled down the actors and revived their melting makeup! The guest directors even kept the spray nearby to stay cool!
  3. Before applying the moisturizer, I would use the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels on both boys and girls’ undereyes.
  4. The final step before makeup application was the moisturizer. In this environment and with the conditions, a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory qualities was crucial. The constant exposure to polluted, hot air and cool, dry air conditioning can really distress the skin. On both the boys AND the girls, I used The ANTIDOTE Daily Cooling Lotion. Not only does it absorb instantly and flawlessly into the skin, but you can immediately feel the cooling properties. This allowed my foundations to melt into the skin, as opposed to sitting on top of it, and really kept the skin regulated throughout the day. Miraculously, we had very few if any breakouts the entire season!

“Filming in the swamp with horrendous conditions forced us to discover new ways to reinvent the wheel, as well as discover our Beauty 911 Kit. Two essential tips out of our emergency kit:

  1. Put the skyn ICELAND Arctic Spray in the fridge. If you get overheated or you start sweating profusely, a quick spritz will stop the floods and cool down the face. It also keeps you looking dewy instead of sweaty if you are out dancing!
  2. When you put on your undereye concealer, use a domed blending brush to “tap and roll” the powder on to set it. It’s the only way to keep your face looking airbrushed indefinitely! Although putting powder under your eyes seems counter-intuitive, it’s an absolute must in the humid south if you have any chance of your makeup staying on.”

Read the full article on Youbeauty.com. MTV’s “Scream” airs every Tuesday night at 10/9c on MTV. Photos in this article are courtesy of MTV.com

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