A Letter from our Founder

Dear Friends & Fans,

As this year comes to a close, I sit writing this with a chest cold and ear infection, and am reminded once again that the fight to reduce stress in our lives is a continuing and endless struggle.

I started skyn ICELAND nearly 11 years ago (11 years in January!) because I felt that stress was becoming an epidemic in our society. I wanted to help people find solutions and I’m really proud of the dialogue we’ve started, continue to have and the solutions we’ve brought to thousands of women and men who are now feeling healthier and looking better.

However, I feel that stress today is even more of an issue than it was when I came up with the idea for skyn ICELAND in 2003. There isn’t a person I meet who doesn’t have a story to tell about a period of terrible stress in his/her life and the negative impact it had on his/her health. On top of everyone’s own daily struggles, we are constantly bombarded by social media, news of terrorism, financial crises, global warming and crime. No wonder we are all looking for solutions!

So I feel that at skyn ICELAND we are doing something important, something that matters and that we’re making people feel healthier and look better. Not everyone who runs a business feels that kind of personal gratification so I feel very lucky.

In fact, it’s really been an incredible year on so many levels both professionally and personally. It’s been a banner year for skyn ICELAND. We’ve:

  • rolled out our line nationally at Ulta stores
  • built distribution in 23 countries
  • built an incredible following of makeup artists at fashion week and in Hollywood
  • won many prestigious awards including Allure Russia’s Best of Beauty for our Fresh Start Mask and Good Housekeeping’s Tried & Tested Award for our Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.
  • attracted an amazing number of celebrity devotees such as the cast of Pretty Little Liars, the cast of MTV’s Scream, singer LeAnn Rimes and fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff; Our Eye Gels were featured on Rosamund Pike in a scene in the award-winning film Gone Girl, and so much more.
  • last but certainly not least, I feel like I have the brightest, most dedicated, hardest working and the most amazing team bar-none at skyn ICELAND. I could never do what I do without them and I’m so lucky to be working side by side with them. They inspire and motivate me every single day.

On the personal front, I spent the past 9 months going back and forth to California every other week with my 8 year old daughter so that she could participate in a clinical trial in California to cure her food allergies. I learned that for me, nothing is more stressful than a child with a life-threatening disease. And, that as a parent, you will go to the ends of the earth to cure your child. So there is no greater reward than being able to help your child and keep her healthy and safe.

However, I acknowledge the fact that this year’s achievements did not come without a price as they did take their toll on my health. And, so as I enter 2016, I’m more determined than ever to continue our mission to raise awareness and inform others about the evils of stress but to also inspire people to manage and reduce their stress. As I always say, stress isn’t going away, we just have to get better at addressing it!

Here’s to an incredible 2015 and an even more amazing 2016. I look forward to you coming along on this journey with us!


Sarah Kugelman

President & Founder


  1. Marian Ferguson says:

    It’s great to see a company with real people doing so well. I use your pure cloud cream moisturiser and it’s wonderful. Best wishes for an even more successful 2016.

  2. Tara D says:

    Thanks for your commitment to delivering results with transparency via truly effective, vegan and cruelty-free products. Cheers to the earth, animals, beautiful skin, and a more peaceful world!

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