A conversation with Julie Wald, Founder of Namaste New York, Customized wellness services in your home, hotel or office

Namaste New York – Customized wellness services in your home, hotel or office – on your time.

What is Namaste and what do you hope to achieve with this business, especially in corporate environments?

Namaste is a concierge wellness business serving private clients, executive teams and businesses. We deliver customized fitness and wellness offerings on-site to reduce stress, enhance performance, and nurture the well-being of everyone we touch. Our services include massage therapy, yoga, personal training, meditation and Pilates.

Can you tell us what inspired you to start Namaste and a bit about your background?

I started off as a clinical social worker and worked as a therapist for 10 years. I worked with a very disenfranchised and often mentally ill population of people, and loved every moment of this work. That said, it was stressful. My own yoga, meditation and reiki practice helped me manage this stress, and made me much clearer and more effective at helping people. I was also able to pass these wellness teachings and tools along to my social work clients, which proved to be hugely beneficial to them as well.

As much as I enjoyed the psychotherapeutic work, I was passionate about wellness and wanted to share it with more and more people. It was out of this passion that Namaste New York was born.


What are the benefits to relaxation and fitness in the workplace?

It’s simple- happy, healthy employees create a thriving business.

People are very busy these days. Multitasking all the time, constantly staring at a screen. They work at all hours of the day and night and there is often little separation between work and personal life. Integrating self-care can be a true challenge.

Working for a company that supports your well-being is a game changer in people’s lives, and Namaste New York’s offerings are almost always the benefit most coveted by employees. That in turn leads to loyalty.

At the end of the day, fitness and wellness at work delivers a huge return on investment.

How do you create a relaxing environment for your clients?

We do a variety of things to create a relaxing environment including music, aromatherapy, and a quiet room with no lit up screens. Also- our staff of fitness and wellness teachers and practitioners are extremely skillful in helping employees transition into an unplugged and more relaxed state in order to ultimately rejuvenate them.

Here at skyn ICELAND we strive to practice what we preach and we’re so inspired by spirit of Namaste. We have a relaxation room where staff can take a quiet moment to unwind during, before or after a busy day of running between meetings, fashion shows or working on deadlines. We also host regular ‘Massage Monday’s’ and ‘Mani-Monday’s’ so staff can unwind, relax and just feel a little bit pampered – it’s not a bad way to kick off a work week! A little goes a long way to aide in relaxation and stress-relief!

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