Don’t be sad summer’s over…
be happy it happened!

Why is it important to re-hydrate post-summer skin?

Throughout the summer months our skin is exposed to a harsh environment—extreme sun, strong winds, excessive humidity and air pollution—often without the proper protection, leaving our skin dry and damaged. It is important to help restore balance to our skin right after the summer months to prepare it for the cold winter ahead. By focusing on exfoliating, repairing and rehydrating skin in the fall months, it will be much easier (and better for your skin!) to transition into heavier, thicker winter products from the lightweight summer ones

— Founder & CEO, Sarah Kugelman

Get your skin back in tip-top shape for Fall with our
Post-Summer Sun At-home Glacial Facial:

  • 1

    Cleanse décolleté and face with Glacial Face Wash.
    Put a dime size of the skyn ICELAND Glacial Face Wash into your palm, add a little warm water and work until frothy. When applying, put a little cleanser onto the jawline, then begin to cleanse on the décolleté.

    Glacial Face Wash
  • 2

    Exfoliate the skin using Nordic Skin Peel.
    Starting at the center of the face, take two Nordic Skin Peel pads, one in each hand, and gently sweep outward. Avoid eye area. Proceed to exfoliate the face with more circular motions, paying special attention to congested skin or areas that are exceedingly dehydrated.

    Nordic Skin Peel
  • 3

    Multi-masking at its finest.
    Using the Face-lift in-a-Bag, firm and de-puff under-eyes with Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Smooth and moisturize fine lines and wrinkles with Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels for Smile Lines and Forehead. Top it off with a little lip magic – smooth and plump lips with Plumping Lip Gels.

    Face Lift in-a-Bag
  • 4

    Meet our moisturizers.
    The ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion: Perfect for red and irritated, oily or ace-prone skin.

    Arctic Hydrating Balm: Moisturize, repair and protect super dry, sensitive skin.

    Pure Cloud Cream: A light-as-air cream that hydrates, soothes, plumps and protects dry, aging skin while combating lines and wrinkles.

    Arctic Face Oil: 100% natural and fragrance-free. This omega-rich oil provides round-the-clock hydration and antioxidatns to help repair and regenerate dry, stressed skin.

  • 5

    Finish it off with Blemish Dots.
    Have blemishes and break-outs? Apply Blemish Dots to affected area(s) and leave on over-night. Wake up with clear, clean skin!

    Blemish Dots

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