Trew Story: Take a sneak peek inside the life of model, Trew Mullen

  • 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got your start in modelling?

    I grew up in California but during elementary school I was homeschooled and traveled with my sister and parents to different states living in apartments. There weren’t many other kids in my childhood. When we were officially back in California I joined an agency and booked a few jobs, but it wasn’t until I was all grown up that modeling became a full time thing.

  • 2. What are some things that you and your friends do for fun, to relax, or to de-stress?

    Mostly dimming the lights and turning the speakers full-blast to twirl around the house. I like creating guilt-free sweetie concoctions in the kitchen to snuggle up with for my favorite shows. I don’t party much, it’s too stressful and usually not that fun unless it’s just my closest friends. I think wine and cheese night is much more entertaining. I also like to write.

  • 3. What is your dream magazine cover? Tell us a little bit about your cover of Surfing Magazine 2015 Swimsuit Issue…

    Vogue, the name is so yummy. But it’s one of the first magazines I liked to look at in waiting rooms as a little girl. So I daydreamed about either being all fancy in the magazines or, wildly, I wanted to be Hermione from Harry Potter. My sister also liked to dress me in strange themed outfits and take Polaroids of me, so maybe that’s got something to do with it. Most exciting moment? Surfing Magazine because, well, Tulum. It was fun we all got the cover and everyone on the team was super. It’s neat to walk by a newsstand or store and see yourself but I always feel like I look different than usual in the photos they choose so it’s not that cool.

  • 4. What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far and any goals for the future?

    Shooting for Guess when I was 12. I was exceptionally shy so it was kind of exciting to have all the makeup artists and everyone fuss over you for a couple of days. I had never kissed a boy and I remember they wanted me to on set, the photo never got used ’cause I was awkward. It’s real different when you’re young, your mom is there, you have a teacher, you’re working with scary adults. Goals? I’m starting my acting career, so kind of starting from square one again which totally sucks. But I’m working hard and the process is really beautiful so far. Lately it’s been a lot of trying to forget the person you’ve spent your whole life creating and remembering your uninvented self as a kid. Refreshing!

  • 5. How do you de-stress after a long day on set?

    A long day on set is usually followed by a long, slow scootch in traffic. So I usually am starving by the time I get home. I’ll fix myself a nice snack and open my French doors to the garden outside and enjoy sunset that way (very gold). If it’s already late, I’ll make my boyfriend find us a good show to watch.

  • 6. Discuss some of your issues with your under-eye area. What are some of your favorite skincare products? Discuss any of our products and how they helped your under-eye area and what you liked about them?

    Dark circles are a huge problem for me. Not only do I get insomnia from time to time but I get this crazy thing called sleep paralysis that’s really exhausting to go through and sometimes keeps me up in fear the rest of the night. If you’re bored look it up- so few people have heard of it! But it leaves me with 40 yr old bags the next morning. My fav skincare products are sunscreen, an exfoliating sponge, a good eye cream, vitamin E cream at night for the face and K for the dark areas. I use Skyn Iceland’s eye cream, and their under eye gels are my jam if I’ve had a sleep deprived night. Feel so hydrated after!

  • 7. What is your beauty routine?

    I still suck at makeup. So I try to keep it simple. Sunscreen first. I use a thin foundation, but I have a great powder for the days I’m in a rush (It Cosmetics). On my eyes just a highlight in the center with a brown shimmer shadow I use like its top liner (sometimes underneath) for definition. Then some subtle mascara. I like using a marker-like lip stain to add a little vibrancy to my face with chapstick. Sometimes a sweep of blush on the cheeks. And I still suck immensely at hair. So the natural look it is Monday-Friday! I usually twist it in a low bun and clip it to let dry. Or braid it for waves. I try to avoid heat, even in the shower. Takes some getting used to ’cause eep.

  • 8. Describe your personal style in three words:


  • 9. Summers coming up – what are some of your summer must haves/essentials?

    I want plaid pants. I love wearing slips as dresses- going to find myself some more. And been dying to find a colored pair of overalls. Plus I love silly vintage hats with dresses!


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