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GAME CHANGERS: Get ready to stress less this fall, because Skyn ICELAND is launching two new saviors for stressed skin! The Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask and the Berry Lip Fix will hit ULTA stores and this fall to transform your complexion and your pucker.


To launch these superstar products, we invited editors to Evolved Science for an hour full of relaxation and de-stressing. Attendees heard skyn ICELAND’s founder, Sarah Kugelman, and Dr. Erika Schwartz, founder of Evolved Science, speak about their stories of stress management and wellness.


Sarah is applying the Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask. This innovative mask conforms to the shape of your face, giving you a face-hug bursting with cool and refreshing vitamin-C. When you peel this airtight mask off, your skin looks luminous, soft and supple.

Perpetually parched and peeling lips? The Berry Lip Fix is a velvety lip treatment that instantly heals dry and peeling lips. Wintered Red Algae is a mineral-rich skin conditioner goes on as a balm and melts into an oil that provides immediate and long lasting hydration, leaving your pucker soft and lush.

Pair this treatment with the Plumping Lip Gels, and your chapped summer lips will be instantly soothed and healed.

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