Why skyn ICELAND Should Be in Your Gym Bag


Contrary to popular belief, sweating is actually good for your skin. Sweating helps clean out clogged pores filled with dirt and toxins, but you must immediately wash your skin after sweating, or those dirt and toxins will sit on the surface of your skin and do more damage. Skyn ICELAND’s self-foaming Glacial Cleansing Cloths make it easy to cleanse on the go. The Icelandic kelp and cucumber extract gently and powerfully remove all makeup and impurities while leaving skin soft, fresh, and clean.

Stay Hydrated:

After cleansing, your skin needs a refresher. Try the Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion with icy mint to give your face the cool-down it needs after the spin class that made you look like you came out of a swimming pool.


Once you get home, pamper yourself after a hard workout with our 10 minute Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud. This mask detoxes better than any juice cleanse, and brightens skin. Say hello to a glowy complexion post workout with cooling blue clay that blends with an AHA fruit acid gel complex to clarify and smooth depleted skin.

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