Everyone meet Chelsea, also known as @chelseasyoga on Instagram! We’ve recently discovered Chelsea on social media and had to invite her to share some of her favorite abdominal exercises! Chelsea’s yoga practice started in October 2014 and as a mom of three busy kiddos she found that her practice allowed her to focus, relax and have peace throughout her joyful and at times crazy full days. For Chelsea, the foundation of all her practice surrounds a strong core (which can be hard after three pregnancies close together). Yoga and its core work has brought her strength back and created courage with her more advanced postures and inversions.


 1. FOREHEAD TO KNEE – From Plank Pose roll forward in the back toes, left your right leg, and on your exhale bring your knee to right tricep and then left. Tic tock back and forth five times. Return to plank and switch sides.

2. Knee Hover – From Plank Pose roll forward on the toes and bend knees to 90° to just hover about your mat. On your inhale, lengthen back to Plank Pose. On your exhale, hover your knees. Complete 10 cycles.

 3. Reverse Table Top Slides – From Reverse Table Top Pose, lower your hips down and without touching the ground slide them between the hands to hover hips above mat. Inhale, slide back through and up to Reverse Table Top. Exhale, slide back down between hands.  Complete 10 cycles.

4. L Sit Prep – From seated with legs extended bring fingertips down to either side of knees. Inhale, point the toes and lift the legs up. Hold for five breaths. Now try with palms pressed firmly into your mat.

5. Pendant Pose Step-Ups – From Downward Facing Dog, step right outside edge of foot forward behind left wrist.  Left foot steps forward behind right wrist. Hold for five breaths. Step back to Downward Facing Dog and complete 10 rounds.

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