Los Angeles based makeup artist Brittany Paige Lambert never knew a career could come from doing her friends makeup for high school dances or working at MAC! Brittany has worked with some of the biggest names in beauty, fashion, film, and music. She is currently touring with musician, Bebe Rexha! You may have heard Bebe’s hit single featuring Florida Georgia Line “Meant to Be” or rocked out to her debut album “Expectations“, if so, you’d know she is pushing boundaries in the music industry and serving us show stopping looks! We decided to chat with Brittany to learn more about her journey as a celebrity makeup artist along with her skyn ICELAND essentials she likes to keep in her kit!

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    How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in this industry?
    This is actually quite a funny story. I’ve always loved playing and creating with makeup. I started doing my sister and her friends makeup for high school dances when I was in 7th grade but I didn’t know I could make a career out of it. At the age of 18, a friend of mine wanted a job at MAC. I went with her to fill out the application (back then it was in store at a little computer and it took about 30 minutes to fill out and you answered a questionnaire.) I was bored watching her, so she told me to fill it out too. I was already enrolled in college and had a job, but I filled it out anyways. Fast forward. I got the job. She didn’t. And within 6 months of working at MAC I was already teaching makeup classes for them.

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    What do you love most about being a makeup artist?
    The diversity of it. Every day, every glam you are starting new. With makeup you can create a mood, invoke a certain vibe, completely transform or simply enhance. It’s always changing, and I love learning.

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    Where do you find your inspiration?
    I find inspiration all around me. I’ve been doing makeup for 14 years, so makeup takes up about 80% of my brain. Everything I look at I think of how I would incorporate that color, texture or vibe into what I do. And of course, social media is a great tool to find inspiration. I have one particular friend that our Instagram DM is literally just us sending each other makeup ideas and sharing products we want to try.

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    Why is skincare so important?
    Because it’s your face. Haha. Seriously though. Skincare helps your skin be the bright and shining star it wants to be. And you’re never going to be able to achieve that perfected, radiant no makeup makeup look without a good skincare routine in your life.

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    Do you have a favorite look you’ve created?
    The makeup that stands out the most to me (recently) is the look I created for Bebe Rexha when she performed at the 2018 Gay Pride event in Arizona. She was wearing a vintage Harley Davidson shirt with a jean jacket. I used a vibrant cherry shadow and brought it up to almost her brow, used glitter dripping under eye (got to rep the glitter at Pride) and left the skin clean, natural and hydrated.

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    Dream client you’d love to work with?
    I actually just talked about this with a friend. I would love to work with Lucy Hale. She’s stunning and just seems like she would be a dream to work with. Plus give me any redhead and I’ll be excited.

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    Any makeup tips you can share?
    Yes! Let’s bring this back to skincare. My BIGGEST tip for makeup is to take that journey and find out what skincare routine works best for you. When your skin is happy your makeup will be too. Second tip for all those early morning people out their Eye patches are amazing for car rides. Arrive fresh, awake and depuffed.

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    What do you think will be a makeup trend in 2019?
    I’m loving the direction that skin has been going to this year. The fresh, breathable, glasslike skin is stunning. I feel like that is going to be even more of a focus in 2019 always with washes of bold colors on lips or eyes. Clean makeup with a subtle vibrate pop.

Skin Prep before Glam!

  • Micellar Cleansing Water
    I always start with cleansing the skin to make sure I have a clean surface to work on. Micellar Cleansing Water is my go to because it removes everything but still leaves the skin feeling supple. And the packaging is perfect for your kit.

    Photo of Micellar Glacial Water
  • Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
    These are my FAVORITE eye patches. When the under eye needs a little pick me up, I will apply these first then start on eye makeup while they work their magic. They also double as a great shield to catch any fallen shadow.

    Photo of Eye Gels
  • Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
    After the eye patches I put a small amount of the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream on my finger tips and massage it around the orbital area. The movement stimulates the blood flow while the eye cream brightens any dark circles. Under eyes can be tricky with makeup so I always take my time to hydrate and soothe the skin.

    Photo of Eye Cream
  • Pure Cloud Cream
    I choose Pure Cloud Cream as prep under my makeup applications because it has a light weight feel but also delivers much needed moisture to the skin. I use a small amount, warm it up in my palms and press it into the skin. I use my hands when applying skincare so I can really feel what the skin needs.

    Photo of Pure Cloud Cream
  • Arctic Face Oil
    I’ve gone through so much of this. I love it for its versatility. It’s my savior product for dehydrated skin from so much travel. I mix a drop of it into heavy cream concealers to sheer them out. I tap a little of it to the high plains of the face (even on top of makeup) creating that creamy glowing skin. I have even used it on the tips of hair to smooth out the look of split ends on camera. Love it.

    Photo of Arctic Face Oil

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