• 1. How and when did you get your start in acting?

    I grew up dancing and doing theater so it’s hard to say when I started exactly. I know that I’ve been working in film and TV since I was 15. I remember I was going to an arts high school in California after having just traveled all over the world for modeling and I booked a pilot for an NBC show. The show didn’t get picked up to series, but I quickly booked a lead on an ABC Family show and kept going from there. I sort of fell into the whole thing really, but I love my job so so much.
  • 2. What does a typical day on set of The Gifted look like?

    I don’t think any of our days on The Gifted are “typical” but normally they start pretty darn early. Usually Jamie and I are the first ones in because of our extensive hair and makeup – so probably around 4am. I always go to hair first and our makeup designer Jenny Lin sets ALL my Skyn Iceland out for me so I can put it on while I’m getting my wig cap on. Eye gels, cloud cream, eye pen, face oil, hydrating balm – the whole shabang. And then I scream “SKYN ICELAND!” because it is my favorite after all. Then I go through makeup, get dressed and go to rehearsal. Depending on the day rehearsal might be a super intense stunt or just screaming in a locked jail cell, but always done in a full face of makeup and a wig cap. It’s a really good look. After rehearsal I get my wig on and then we film for 14 hours. That’s pretty much it. Nothing too exciting. Sometimes I blow up buildings or fly too.
  • 3. How do you de-stress and unwind after a long day of filming?

    No joke – Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask. Honestly it saves me every single day. Jenny does a great job of not overloading my sensitive skin with makeup, but no matter what products you use – no one’s face was made to wear makeup for 17 hrs. It definitely takes it’s toll and if my skin doesn’t feel good I don’t feel good. So usually a nice face mask, a bowl of popcorn and a cuddle with my dog Zoe.
  • 4. Must have skyn ICELAND products? … we know you are kind of obsessed!

    Ok yeah I’m clearly obsessed. Hehehe. The first Skyn Iceland product I ever tried was the Cloud Cream and I stand by it 100%. I use it every single day and it has changed the chemistry of my skin entirely. I loooooove it. Also, it’s just the coolest skin care product I’ve ever seen. It actually looks and feels like a cloud!!!! Ooh and the ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion! There’s nothing my face loves more than the minty freshness of that product. My skin is strange – it’s super dry and sensitive and thin and honestly before Skyn Iceland I didn’t even have a skin care regiment. Jenny and I like to joke about the days when I’d show up to set with her makeup still on from the day before. It was SO BAD. And the reason I didn’t take care of my skin is because it was hard to find anything besides just water that didn’t irritate it and make it hurt more. That’s why I am so lucky that Jenny found Skyn Iceland for me. It has honestly changed my life and hopefully saved me from some unwanted wrinkles too 😉
  • 5. What’s the most difficult part about being an actress?

    I think the most difficult part of my job is just making sure everything I portray is authentic. In my short career I’ve played ballerinas, cult members, mothers, people with mental health issues and now a superhero. I’ve had to tackle a lot of problems I didn’t fully understand. Because I feel so much responsibility to do these characters justice I make it my job to do my research and get into their heads, even when sometimes what’s in their head is rather dark.
  • 6. What can we expect from your character, Lorna (Polaris) in Season 2 of The Gifted?

    A lot! Mostly Lorna is gonna have to face her family history and that she really is mutant royalty. Whether she likes it or not – she is so much like her father. She’s also going to realize that maybe her and Marcos don’t have a fairy tale ending like she always thought they would. If he’s not willing to fight this war with her against injustice, she can’t stay with him. Overall, there is a lot of crazy stuff to come for Lorna. Our show runner Matt Nix likes to say that in season 2 we start to really see Lorna become the Polaris from the comics. Ahhh I’m so excited.
  • 7. If you could switch places with any character on The Gifted who would it be and why?

    None of them! They’re all on the run for their lives. Bahahahahaha. No – I’d say probably Sage. I love that her mutant ability is her intelligence. That girl has a brain like a computer and she knows every language. Who wouldn’t want that. Also, I feel like every time we go on a mission she’s the one doing all the real work and we just show up there and blow stuff up.
  • 8. Lorna is quite an intense character; how do you prepare for those scenes?

    Preparing for Lorna’s scenes is so odd. I mean how do you prepare for total gut wrenching outrage and anger? You can’t really. Most of my work with Lorna goes into her bipolar disorder. Matt Nix made it very clear to me when I took this role that everything Lorna does, every single second of her life is affected by her mental illness and he was right. So many scenes seem so clear to the audience – they know exactly what is happening, but what nobody sees is what is inside Lorna’s head. I have to think about every single thought that runs through her mind. I have to track if she is depressed or manic or on top of the world or if her thoughts are running too fast or if she can even manage to get out of bed. I have to think “What did Lorna’s morning/evening/night look like?” Cause chances are she goes through a lot more than the average mutant in a day. There are so many layers to her honestly, which is why I love her so much.
  • 9. If you could have any powers in real life, what would it be?

    I would love to have Lorna’s powers. I’ve always said if I did I would work with the fire dept to help save lives. Now if we are speaking from a purely selfish stand point I would want SUPER SPEED! YASSS! It just sounds super fun.

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