Kaley Cuoco Wedding Day Prep

Celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg shares her skincare tips and tricks leading up to your special day.

  • 1. Where did you draw your inspiration?

    From people! I love to get to know someone and their aesthetic. My job is to make the person I’m working with feel like the best version of themselves. So I talk and listen and laugh and draw inspiration from that!
  • 2. What was the key skyn ICELAND product you used to achieve Kaley’s look?

    We used the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels! They’re the best and take away puffiness and wrinkles for a flawless makeup application!
  • 3. Have you ever had a major skin malfunction? If so how did you fix it?

    Yes. I am so sensitive so I often have weird break outs or rashes because I try everything. Just recently I tried a new oil and it left me with a bad rash. I had to use ice to cool it down and some cortisone!
  • 4. What are some fun pre wedding skin care tips you can share?

    Well don’t try new things the week of your wedding, that’s for sure. I would start getting facials every month for about 6 months before your wedding. Plenty of water and sleep. And of course make sure you have a great routine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5. Was it hard keeping the big day a secret?

    Yes. I had to catch myself because I was so excited.

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