Stay Stress Free When you Travel!

Traveling for most is a very stressful time, especially in the warmer months. Cancellations, re-booking, lost luggage, and general confusion are a source of major stress during vacation time that should be about relaxing. Here are some tips to stay stress free during travel:

  • Stay Hydrated!
    Drinking plenty of water and fluids can help to make you feel more alert and less sluggish. Try a powder vitamin c supplement to boost your immune system while staying hydrated: Emergen-C

  • Avoid Alcohol!
    We know those adorable bottles of rosé are tempting, but try to avoid alcohol for long haul flights or train rides. Alcohol can throw off your sleep schedule and dehydrate your skin.

  • Pack Snacks!
    You never know when a flight can get delayed, even if you are already on the runway! Make sure to pack little, yet nutritious snacks in case of an emergency. Almonds are low calorie, and they contain antioxidants and healthy fats. Stashing dried fruit and granola bars in a carry on can also help fight hunger and fatigue!

  • Moisturize!
    The dry cabin air can make skin red, irritated, and dry. We recommend storing our favorite soothing Pure Cloud Cream in your carry on. The Pure Cloud Cream is formulated to provide intense moisture and contains oat extract, a natural anti-irritant, which actively reduces skin discomfort. Don’t forget about your cuticles! We don’t want your fresh vacation mani to surrender to dry cuticles – smooth the Arctic Face Oil over your face and neck, and dab the excess onto cuticles for moisture.

  • A Post-Flight Routine is a Must!
    A travel-stress combating skin care routine can help to keep skin glowing and blemish free! After you arrive at your destination, wash your face with a creamy and gentle face wash. Our favorite is the Glacial Face Wash . After you wash your face, get your glow back with a nutrient rich, antioxidant packed peel- off face mask! The Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask supercharges stressed and depleted skin with an instant dose of deep hydration – one your skin will desperately need after winter travel!

  • Exercise!
    Exercising can help reduce any boating or swelling that long-haul trips can cause! Exercising can also help to combat jet lag. Go for a light jog, or check out one of our favorite youtube yoga channels!

  • Take Supplements
    Two weeks before a big trip we like to take Hum Nutrition’s, “Big Chill” supplements to assist in keeping a clear head and support mental stamina. Hum Nutrition

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