We’re going to Bali

Ever feel like you need to take a break and make a last-minute decision to flee the country for a Balinese yoga retreat? Well, maybe not head to Bali but you get the idea! Celebrity groomer, Sara Tintari did just that after getting caught up in the stressful world around us!

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    I was looking for inspiration on the internet on what I could do and where I could go, I imagined myself on the beach somewhere practicing yoga which is my favorite activity to get myself back in balance. I did my research and came across Mary Tilson Yoga, her retreat was in Bali just two weeks away.

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    Talk to Family
    The next step was to talk to my family and tell them, “hey, I’m headed to Asia, alone and going there for a much-needed R&R session.” It wasn’t 10 minutes after showing them everything, my uncle pulls out the travel section in the paper and on the cover was the water blessing Temple in Bali, which was one of the excursions Mary had planned. It was the perfect sign to head on this trip!

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      Deciding Between Work & Self?
      I had an indie film on the table that could have opened new doors for me, but I just wasn’t in the headspace to commit. I was overloaded with stress and anxiety. The film was shooting for a month, possibly longer. For the past four years I’ve put work before my life and I couldn’t do it again. After going back and forth with Mary, I booked the trip the night before and couldn’t have been more blessed to have made this decision.

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      Pack Your Bags, We’re Going to Bali!
      The Nandini Bali Resort was built on a cliffside over the river in the jungle. Because of the negative ions from the waterfall the water is known scientifically to be the purest. The locals say the water there is blessed and holy. Listening to the water flowing all around you. We had daily yoga practices there. Afternoon journaling and/or meditations. My favorite was a “silent” yet not silent at all dance off wearing headphones with the music blasting. It was powerful. Dancing and having so much fun and such a workout. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. I haven’t felt that kind of peace in a long time.

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        Tapping into your Spirituality
        We went to the Tirtra Empul Temple which was incredible! Each water spout is meant for a different blessing. Each one signifies a different meaning, all topped with the Balinese offerings: love, hope, forgiveness, mental, fortune, and health. We all wore the traditional Balinese attire in the water and began praying. It was a powerful feeling being in that water and in that Temple.

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        Back to Reality
        It truly was a dream come true and by the end I felt strong mentally and physically so relaxed. I’m already planning to go back. I got so much from this trip: new friends, new experiences, strengthened my yoga form, core and overall found my center again. Our daily routine is always somewhat stressful considering your job, family and surroundings it can be a bit much at times. I’ve learned from this experience to not over think and do more self-care. Make time for yourself and try new things. Have faith in yourself and a high power. This trip was the best therapy I’ve ever had.

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