5 Quick Exercises for your Butt:
Stick with it and you will see results

Who doesn’t want a better looking butt?! A truly strong butt is not only aesthetically pleasing but is essential for the structural function of a healthy body. Often times injuries in your knees, feet and back are due to weak hips and glutes. This is why I LOVE single leg work for my clients. It is so important to incorporate balance work & unilateral exercises into your workouts because it will absolutely make you stronger faster. It might feel frustrating at first but stick with it and you will see the results.

Here are 5 exercises you can do anywhere for a quick butt burn!

1. Single Leg Bridge + Kicks

  • 8x bridge + 8x kicks – repeat on the other leg
  • Bridge – lying on your back, extend 1 leg to the sky and press your hips up & down
  • Kicks – keep your hips high and lower your straight leg down and up

Tips: Keep your hips level throughout the exercise and focus on elongating your low back. Press through your arms to keep the pressure off of your neck.

2. Side Leg Kicks Circles

  • 10x each direction 2x through – repeat on the other leg
  • Lie on your side & circle your turned out leg from your hip with a diameter of 12″

Tips: Align your body on the back of your mat in a straight line from elbow, shoulder and hip keeping your spine neutral. Engage your core and keep your body still and calm as you circle the leg. Turn the leg out in the hip to work your hips more intensely.

3. All 4’s – Diagonal Stretch & Bend

  • 10x each set – repeat on the other side
  • Stretch your opposite arm and leg into a diagonal line, lower the straight arm & leg down to the mat and up
  • Curve the spine to touch the same elbow to knee contracting your core
  • Extend back to the diagonal line and repeat

Tips: Place your hands under your shoulder and knees under your hips while your spine remains straight and neutral. Avoid shifting your body weight as you complete the exercise. Double up your mat if you need more padding for your hands and knees.

4. Reverse Lunge into Balance

  • 10x each leg
  • Step Back into a lunge aiming to get your legs to a 90 degree angle
  • Shift forward to a single leg balance dynamically drawing your back knee to your chest
  • Extend back to the diagonal line and repeat

Tips: When you step into the lunge step far enough back that the front knee does not go beyond your front toes. If the balance challenge is too hard, keep your back foot on the mat and do a static split leg lunge. Build towards shifting the weight when you are ready. Step back gracefully with precision

5. Curtsy Squat to Center Squat

  • 10x each leg
  • Cross one foot behind you and squat as low as you can go with good form
  • Shift laterally up from the curtsy squat to a center squat reaching the arms to the sky

Tips: Keep hips square to the front when you cross your leg behind. Sit back towards your heels in your center squat and engage your core.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! If you feel any pain try to limit the range of motion and see if that helps – if not skip the entire exercise. As you build strength on the ground the standing exercises will get easier. To make these exercises more advanced you can always add a Theraband or hand weights.

Check out my YouTube video for a more intense butt workout!



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