Gua Sha: Ancient Chinese Skincare that Works

To all the women out there who are looking for skincare enlightenment: We think we’ve found it. We ventured out of our typical routines and found ourselves loving Gua Sha! This technique can be traced back into the long history of ancient Chinese culture and is a great supplement to any traditional skincare regimen. Continue reading to learn how I found a love for combining both practices to get the most out of my skincare routine!

We all want beautiful, healthy skin – no surprise there. But, as we get older having beautiful, healthy skin becomes even more of a priority. Luckily, we have access to wonderful skincare products like, skyn ICELAND, that are organic and promote a clean beauty regime. I find this to be true in my own life. As time goes on, my love of wellness deepens and the importance of finding ways to grow in my knowledge of natural skincare increases.

I LOVE the idea of getting a facial every week, but that’s just not realistic or affordable for most of us. It would be amazing to have access to the newest skincare treatments, but who has $500+ to spend at the drop of a hat? Not me!

That’s why Gua Sha is such a wonderful mind and body approach to obtain beautiful, youthful skin. If you are just hearing about this technique – welcome! Last year, my fabulous esthetician, Lili Mineni, introduced me to this traditional Chinese technique, which I instantly fell in love. Lili specializes in holistically working with the skin. She deeply believes that not all skincare is created equally and that we should choose natural products with as much care as we choose our organic food.

So, what is Gua Sha? This ancient technique is all about lymphatic drainage, circulation, and muscle contouring. Gua Sha is a way to tap into every facial muscle that holds in tension caused by emotions such as: stress, confusion, laughter and more. By gently gliding pressure onto your facial muscles, the tension released, allowing your muscles to return to its youthful position. Gua Sha brings life back to muscles that have been dormant.

The lymphatic system, which is our drainage system, needs to be flushed out to regain life back in areas where we see again effects. The Gua Sha technique impacts the lymphatic system the most by moving stagnant and blocked energy to areas that are lacking it.

Selfcare is so valuable for the physical and mental health of a person. Not only does self care allow us the time to decompress and reflect on our lives, but we are also able to connect with our spiritual and emotional body as it ages. This reflection and connection is essential in understanding your body’s needs. Things to note: When performing this daily or weekly routine, always start on your neck, to open your lymph system to allow the lymph to drain, then move to your face. Feel free to use each edge of the tool to your advantage!

FIVE EASY things you can do to do your part:

  • 1. Start with a clean face.
  • 2. Use a light layer of oil.
  • 3. Use a Gua Sha Tool – either jade or rose quartz – each holds a different property.
  • 4. Always start with your neck – then follow with the left side of our face first & finish with the right
  • 5. Five minutes is all it takes
  • 6. Use light, mindful strokes. Don’t forget to be present!
  • 7. Gently wash your tool after your massage.
  • 8. Note: Be gentle if you have breakouts or rosacea, go lighter or open the inflammation around the area first to allow it to release.

Amazingly, you will see the results within a week! Personally, where I can see the most improvement is in the tension I hold around my mouth. Instant face lift? Yes please! Also, expect to see improvement in pigmentation and rosacea from the reduced inflammation.

I have attached this fabulous Gua Sha tutorial performed by Lili Mineni for you to use as a guideline for your massage. Just click the link below to watch the tutorial!

Gua Sha Tutorial:

Enjoy this moment you are giving yourself with this wellness practice. Be present. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!



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