Sarah’s Guide to Summer in the Hamptons

Nothing screams summer more for a New Yorker than the Hamptons. Manhattan will always be home base, but there is nothing better than the summer months when you can trade city life for beach life! As Carrie Bradshaw says in Sex and the City, “The best thing about living in New York City is leaving New York City.”

Here’s your guide to Sarah’s favorite spots in the Hamptons; plus beauty tips to ensure your skin stays flawless all summer! Whether you’ve never been to Hamptons or you’re just looking for new spots to try out, we have all the scoop on the best restaurants and fitness spots to check out.

Sarah has been a part of the Hamptons community for the last 40 years and finds that the Hamptons is a place that she can rely on to bring her serenity, happiness and stress relief.

Let’s begin with the most important aspect of summer: SKINCARE! We can not reiterate it enough! The summer weather may make you want to ween out of your work or school routines, but the only victim in this situation is your skin. Trust us when we say that you do not have to make your skincare routine complicated — keep it simple so you don’t forget to do it!

This is how Sarah maintains her healthy skin during the summer:

My routine is pretty simple – cleanse, moisturize (a lot), major focus on the eyes, and an at home peel a few times a week and a mask once a week, but over the summer I cleanse more and moisturize a little bit less. I use higher-level sunscreens that don’t sweat or rinse off and I don’t do peels because it makes my skin more photosensitive [more sensitivity to sunlight]. My pores do get clogged more in the summer, so I try to do an extra mask here and there and use products like my Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion that has willow bark to decongest.

With every new season means making adjustments to daily life – just like you’d rotate your tires, sometimes you need to rotate your skincare routine. The weather causes your skin to react differently to products, which is why it is essential to know your skin in each season.

Sarah’s three tips for having healthy, glowing skin in the summer:

  • 1.Use sunscreen! Even if you tan easily it eventually dries out the skin, creates almost a shield of dry skin and all of the dirt and oils get trapped underneath and eventually make skin erupt.
  • 2.Use gentle, natural cleansing cloths or a face mist with calming and purifying ingredients (like willow bark which does both!). Throughout the day to keep skin clean and fresh
  • 3.Use a light moisturizer. Last year we launched a spray lotion which is one of a kind and great for summer. It’s light but very hydrating and has amazing treatment ingredients to protect and renew skin.

Now that you’re all informed on how to keep your skin happy and healthy this summer, you’ll need a new spot to show off your beautiful skin.

Sarah’s favorite restaurants in the Hamptons:

  • Tutto il Giorno

    Not only is the food delicious and authentic Italian, the outdoor space is divine. Once you sit down outside, sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the food – you’ll never want to leave.
  • Sant Ambroeus

    This place will not leave you disappointed. The food and ambiance are all excellent. Great for brunch, lunch and dinner.
  • Le Bilboquet

    The food is perfectly crafted in French flavors. The seafood is just perfect as well as the location being right on the water. Ah, true bliss.
  • Dopo La Spiaggia

    Another fantastic Italian restaurant with an outdoor space and amazing night life scene. Go for dinner and watch the night progressively turn it into party begin.
  • Elaia Estatorio

    This restaurant takes you all the way to Greece with their food. It is to die for.

Sarah’s favorite fitness classes:

  • Tracey Anderson
  • AKT

Both these studios are rooted in a dance concept, so exercise doesn’t really feel like exercise. The concept of dancing as a workout is deeply rooted in movement and feeling good about yourself while you dance. If you struggle with positive self-thought, this kind of work out might be good for you to learn to see the sexiness in yourself that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Tell us your go-to things places and activities in the Hamptons!

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