World Ocean Day

Today marks the 8th anniversary of World Ocean Day, a day that is meant to bring awareness to the negative effects happening to the marine life on our planet due to human activity. This day is an opportunity to honor the ocean and bring attention to the efforts made to protect and conserve it.

Why care about the ocean?

The ocean covers more than 70% of earth’s surface. It provides regulation of the climate by transporting heat between the equator to the poles, a cycle that has been productive since the beginning of life on earth. The ocean provides over 50% of the world’s oxygen as well as storing 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere.

The ocean has become 30% more acidic, which causes problems for all ecosystems from the tropics to the poles. There are so many pressures being put on the ocean, and the ocean is fundamental it is for human life. It has more value than the resources we interact with in our everyday, modern life, yet humans often take it for granted.

Our carelessness is evident by debris found floating in the ocean or ingested by marine species, causing animals to choke, starve or endure other impairments.

Why skyn ICELAND is supporting World Ocean Day:

Here at skyn ICELAND, we depend on the functionality of the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean in order to provide a sustainable environment for the Icelandic algae we source to make our products. Not only are these algae essential for us to create innovative and natural products, but these algae are crucial for continuation of ecosystems that keep the oceans’ health and humanity’s health sustainable.

Not only does the global environment play a key role in the survival of our species, it also plays a key role in repairing personal mental health. We appreciate the beauty and serenity we feel when we experience nature in its purest form, such as the feeling of being in Iceland. We have experienced all of Iceland’s extreme forms of nature such as the glacial waters, the fields of flowers, mossy rock fields, waterfalls, volcanoes, the geothermal water springs, wild birds and horses. We fully understand the benefits nature has on the quality of our mental health.

How we are all connected:

In order to understand the full value of the ocean the same way we view the human body. Think of Planet Earth as being the human body as a whole. It’s one entity that is made up of billions of individual components. The human body is holistic, requiring a healthy relationship between each organ and system to remain functional. The minute one of these components does not function right we begin to see illnesses that have the potential to end the life they were coming together to create.

There can be a direct parallel drawn from the matter that makes up the human body and all the matter that makes up the earth. Similar to blood that flows in the human body bringing our cells oxygen thus giving us life, the ocean plays the same role for the earth. If the ocean’s ecosystems continue to fall out of balance, then the overall health of the earth declines.

There is an urgency to take action in protecting and conserving the ocean in order to maintain the biodiversity that is essential in keeping balanced ecosystems. Afterall, we are all a part of one giant ecosystem: planet earth.

What skyn ICELAND does to help protect and conserve

We teamed up with, Terracycle’s Zero Waste Boxes, to create a recycling program that will take your finished skyn ICELAND jars, tubes, bottles and packaging to ensure that they don’t end up in the ocean. Send us your used skyn ICELAND containers, and we will give you $10 off an order of $40!

This program has become a core value for our company and we hope to continue on the path of creating more methods to help contribute to protecting and conserving our environment.

FIVE EASY things you can do to do your part:

  • 1 .Use Plastic-Free Alternatives: There is an estimated 17.60 billion pounds of plastic leaking into the marine environment every year. Think about it like this: it would be the same as dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute. Plastic never goes away!
  • 2 .Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Easy things like using public transportation, turning off the light when you leave, or putting on a sweater in the winter instead of the heat.
  • 3 .Eat Sustainable Seafood: Buy seafood that is caught in a sustainable way. Use the guide from Seafood Watch to educate yourself and help make sustainable choices on what seafood to buy.
  • 4 .Leave Nothing Behind: Don’t leave trash behind or let it blow away when you’re at the beach. Collect and dispose of your trash properly.
  • 5 .Vote on Ocean Issues: Do your research! Elect public officials that will support good ocean policies to help protect marine life and our oceans.

    How can you support World Ocean Day?

    Please donate to To learn more about the importance of algae click the link:

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