The Ultimate Guide for an Easy, Healthy, No-Takeout Workday.

We challenge you to kiss Seamless and Chipotle goodbye for the day! Bringing your own lunch and snacks to your job can sound like tedious meal prepping, and pointless when services like Uber Eats exist. (You can seriously get McDonalds delivered now, a college student with no self-control’s actual dream. Thank you technology.) What are ……
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Think Desserts!

The fabulous folks at skyn ICELAND reached out to me about writing a guest post and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. As a personal trainer and food blogger…
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Eat your way
to stress free skin

Beauty starts from the inside. How we handle stress varies from person to person. Some of us eat more, others eat less, and some of us binge on sweets while another might turn to caffeine or alcohol. Both stress and poor nutrition can suppress the immune system. So the next time you reach for a ……
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