Sarah’s Favorites: Top 5 Healthy Snacks

This week, Sarah shares her favorite healthy snacks, just for skyn ICELAND fans! Check out the list below:Top 5 healthy snacks: 1.    Aunt Gussie's Spelt Double Chip Cookies 2.    Kashi TLC Fruit & Grain Bars Dark Chocolate Coconut 3.    Suzie's Kamut Flatbreads with Olive Oil and Rosemary 4.    Organic, raw cashews 5.    Starbucks Green Tea ……
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An Apple a Day Keeps the…Stress Away?

Here's an awesome stress-busting tip our Facebook fans loved so much that we wanted to share it on our blog, too!Want a simple way to kick that anxious feeling?  Then eat an apple. The scent of apples, especially when mixed with cinnamon, has been found to fend off nervous feelings.  How's that for some sweet ……
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