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Eat your way
to stress free skin

Beauty starts from the inside. How we handle stress varies from person to person. Some of us eat more, others eat less, and some of us binge on sweets while another might turn to caffeine or alcohol. Both stress and poor nutrition can suppress the immune system. So the next time you reach for a ……
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Dana Bushman’s Inspiring Story
and Message

for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast Cancer Awareness is still very much on our minds this month, and even more so after seeing this link passed along to us by skyn ICELAND VP Nikki Koch. There’s an incredible personal story up on Blisstree right now about Dana Bushman who, after discovering she had the breast ……
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An Apple a Day Keeps the…Stress Away?

Here's an awesome stress-busting tip our Facebook fans loved so much that we wanted to share it on our blog, too!Want a simple way to kick that anxious feeling?  Then eat an apple. The scent of apples, especially when mixed with cinnamon, has been found to fend off nervous feelings.  How's that for some sweet ……
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Glow like the Stars at Sundance!

skyn ICELAND teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose to pamper the leading ladies of the Sundance Film Festival this year.  We're so excited we got a chance to work with gorgeous celebrities like Julianne Moore, Amy Ryan, Kerri Washington and Catherine Keener – and that we can now say that they're skyn ICELAND ……
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Drink, Drink Drink: Kickstart Your New Year!

Now that the holiday crunch is over, New Year's festivities have come and gone, we're all surprised that we're still in recovery mode.  Why's that?  One word is probably the culprit: DEHYDRATION.Between the crazy running around of the last month, the late nights you pulled with your extra vacation days, and that slew of champagne ……
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